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Residential Interior Design

900 Sq.ft


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Interior Design & Build


Sai Kung, Hong Kong

The client is a newlywed couple, desired a Japanese-inspired home that would evoke a sense of calm and serenity. To meet their special request, a Japanese-style loft is added to the apartment to create a unique space for studying and unwinding. Additionally, they hope for a more spacious atmosphere with serene ambiance.

The inspiration for designing a Japanese-style home comes from the simplicity and tranquility of Japanese culture. The design aesthetic focuses on creating a serene and harmonious environment, focusing on natural materials and integration with nature.

We incorporated key elements of this culture. Corrugated details add texture and depth to the space, while a bright and natural colour palette creates a serene and harmonious environment. The round circle features and shoji-inspired doors - to bring peace to their abode, it also used to promote a sense of balance and flow. To soften the space, we curved the walls and ceilings, lending a modern touch. Applying Keisōdo paint to the living area and rooms, and shikkui plaster to the bathroom ceiling, unified the apartment with a harmonious flow.

In addition, the use of sliding doors and screens allows for flexibility in the layout and provides an opportunity to incorporate traditional Japanese design elements, such as shoji inspired doors.

The apartment was redesigned to cater to the needs of the two inhabitants and their guests. With windows only on the balcony side, the space is opened up to allow daylight to flood in. Custom designed furniture, including a TV cabinet, dining seat booth, dining tables, and coffee cabinet, is created to fit the space better. A light lime hue is used to warm up the space and bring a Japanese washitsu feel to the apartment, while the bedroom was painted a soft pale pink to match the owner's preferences.

To create a welcoming environment, we fashioned an entrance corridor for unloading rituals. The hallway, leading to the open kitchen on one side and the living room on the other, revealed a wooden platform with a circle light wall feature. Upon entering the living room, a big circle partition wood feature divides the dining and living area. The cut-out shape permits light and visual continuity, making it ideal for TV-watching or socializing across the 2 zones.

A loft was built as an upper deck enclosed room with tatami flooring, providing a cozy space for hosting guests or for the client's study purposes.

The bathroom was kept simple with bright white walls, as per the client's request, while the use of Japanese shikkui plaster added an organic touch and served the purpose of preventing mold growth in the windowless space.

Photographer: Tan Hai Han

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