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Campaign logo, Key visual and package design

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In addition to FLOAX regular product line, FLOAX Arte Living also launched an annual Christmas campaign featuring the FLOAX BAG.

In Cantonese, the word "福," which means blessing, is pronounced similarly to FLOAX. Therefore, the FLOAX BAG was created to evoke the Japanese fukubukuro, or "good luck bag," as a way to send blessings to others during the holiday season.

The FLOAX BAG logo features a clear "福" character, which is formed by incorporating the five letters of FLOAX. The circular design of the logo symbolises unity and the gathering of love. To further enhance the holiday spirit, the campaign art also incorporates a Japanese Mizuhiki Knot, which represents concepts such as longevity and eternal bonds.

To promote the FLOAX BAG campaign, our marketing team created various assets, including social media posts and a short video showcasing the items inside the bag. We also designed the packaging for the FLOAX BAG, incorporating the same pop Japanese layout to create a vibrant and fun mood.

Each year, FLOAX collaborates with different brands to highlight special items in the bag, so our artwork also needed to showcase the collaborating brands prominently. Although the campaign was inspired by Japanese culture, we wanted to give it a unique twist that would appeal to our target audience.

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